Learn skills to set yourself (and your family members) up for success.

Family Members

Understand the conflicting tensions in your role and how to best support your skater and coach.


Embrace the nuances of your role and learn how to meet the needs of your skaters and their families.

Course Contents

Part 1 -Skaters

Explore your role with emphasis on teamwork and self-compassion

Learn keys to thriving. Includes homework to simplify communication with your family members.

Part 2 - Coaches

Identify the expectations for your role and learn how to shape behavior effectively

Avoid possible pitfalls gracefully. Includes homework to create a united front with your co-coaches.

Part 3 - Family Members

Embrace the power of your role and learn how to effectively support both your skater and coaches

Homework includes how to maximize your support for your skater while managing the expectations of coaches.

Part 4 - Putting it all together

Tools and resources so everyone can thrive!

Learn two tools every person can use to clarify communication and cultivate a strong team culture. 


Even more!

Links to articles, books, podcasts, and more to keep learning, growing and thriving. 

Iggy Perillo - standin around and smiling.

This training is designed for skaters as young as 12 (or so), their family members (parents!), and coaches who support junior roller derby teams. All can benefit from this training.

The goal is a clear understanding of each role's strengths and challenges, with an eye toward creating structures and systems so everyone can work together easily and with as little friction as possible.

Individuals or families can access the training for $57 for 60 days. Leagues can subscribe for access for all league members for $37 per month. When you select the league subscription option you'll receive an email form asking how many people (unique logins) you'll expect for the league subscription. Upon completing the form, you'll receive instructions for how to extend access to your leaguemates.

Participants say they complete the training in about an hour and then spend up to another hour on the homework assignments.

You will no longer have access to the training, but if you need more time to complete the course, you can switch to the subscription option to extend your access.

Yes! The audio segments come with captions too- hit the CC button in the player to turn the captions on.