Get acquainted with emotional intelligence, how to use it to influence behavior, leadership principles and more.


Step-by-step processes and tools to work well with teammates and navigate sticky situations.


The result is thoughtful leaders who build strong work relationships and effective teams.

Course Contents

Lesson 1

What is Emotional Intelligence & Your Personal Values

Foundational information on emotional intelligence and clarifying your personal values so you can be a strong leader in any situation.

Lesson 2

Basic Needs and Influencing Behavior

Learn why people do the things they do and how to guide people to make better choices without compromizing your values.

Lesson 3

Confusing Situations and Wise Leadership Principles

Apply the content of lesson 3 in more situation when things go off the rails so you shine as a leader of integrity.

Lesson 4

How to continue your development

Concrete steps to keep growing as a leader. Control your leadership growth trajectory with these simple tools.

Lesson 5

Managing conflict, step-by-step

Put together all the lessons to work through a conflict relying on emotional intelligence resulting in a managed conflict without damaged relationships.

Iggy Perillo - standin around and smiling.

This course is designed to give emotionally intelligent leadership skills to all leaders. Whether you are a rising leader or one with extensive experience, this course offers valuable perspective and tools. This course is also for folks who may not have an official leadership role or title. It's for people who pay attention and want to improve interpersonal relationships in the world around them.

This means you're getting the most useful leadership skills and tools I can offer in a condensed package of five lessons. The goal is fast access and implementation. Each lesson is brief (8-16 minutes) and designed to be quickly digested and used. You won't find 17 modules or 400 lessons to wade through to find the good stuff. This is the best of the best delivered directly and efficiently.

The course is priced on a sliding scale, starting at $47 to increase access, especially for rising leaders.